Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have an Ice Day!

Good morning all! I can't believe how quick Christmas is going to be upon us! I'm still SO not ready! Today I need to run out at lunch and try to find a PS2 game that my son wants. It's Cabelos Alaskan Adventure. It's not a new one...been out for a few years. But noone seems to carry it or they are out of stock on it. I've tried Game Spot, luck. Today will try a used book store that carries used games and I may try KMart and Target as well. Other than finding his gift I'm ready for the kids.

Ever have a really real bad dream? Ugh. I woke up at 4:00a.m. this morning literally in a sweat after having a dream that my youngest got run over and killed by a car. In the dream we'd all been playing outside (and there were other people around...a gathering of some sort). He'd fallen asleep on the bench and I woke him up and told him to go play with the other kids while he had a chance. So they are playing and life is good. And it starts to rain. So I'm hollering at the kids to start to head inside. Then in the dream I hear a bang (assuming thunder maybe because I didn't look for the source of it as I'm too busy trying to get the kids to start to come inside). Well, the bang was one car hitting another car and the one car then just went crazy and it's headed straight towards where the kids are playing. I see it coming but I'm too far away. In the dream my oldest son is trying to pull the younger one out of the way of the oncoming car but at the last minute drops him to avoid being hit himself. I'm praying that he'll fall in the middle part of the car (not under the tire). He's so small maybe the car will roll over him and do minimal damage that way. But I see him fall to the ground and the car literally roll over his neck and kill him. I'm running at this point and screaming that I'm going to f*ing kill the driver myself. And that's the point I woke up. It was sooooo real and I was afraid to go back to sleep. I got up and checked on the boys and retucked their covers in. Then came back to bed and pulled the dog up to cuddle with me. And then slept fitfully for an hour till time to get up. Sigh. Going to be a long day.

Anyways, artwork to share! I wanted to play with my new stamps I DID! Here is the result.

This uses a fair amount of masking. I stamped the penguin first (all stamps from Hambo Stamps...see previous post for link) and then masked him. Then added the cube directly under his "foot". Then I masked the cube and stamped the cube twice more under the first...and then I went slightly lower and stamped a couple more cubes. I then masked the penguin and the cubes and sponged light blue all around them. For the ice cubes I added clear stickles for the shine/wet effect. The base of the card is black (kind of hard to tell in the picture). The blue I stamped the greeting first and then ran through the cuttlebug with the swirl embossing plate...added two black brads. Tied a ribbon around the base and then added the penguin layer with popped up dimensionals.

Ok...gotta run off to work. Have an "ice day" all!


Concetta said...

I love this one! Don't forget to check the backpack for a special treat!


Littlekel90 said...

Oh, my goodness . . . what a terrible dream. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes trying to type (okay, I know I get too emotional--my teenage son tells me that all the time). I truly hope your day is sooo much better.

Beautiful card too btw. I love the blue with the cute little penguin stamp, which you colored beautifully. :)Kelly

Suzanne said...

Very cute! Love the stacked cubes.