Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorry I've been MIA

Last week was crazy busy and then I went out of town for the weekend. So I haven't made anything crafty lately.

I went out on Friday and bought some quilting supplies and adorable fabric. $80 later I have a new hobby! :-)

We left town on Saturday morning and spent the weekend out of town with my cousins. Had a nice time and the boys had a blast playing with their cousins (they'd never met them before). Sunday we all went out in the desert for a picnic. All the kids piled into the back of the truck along with a couple adults and the rest of the adults piled into the cab. The road we had to go onto only a truck could handle. So I'm not sure if it's being around the left over hay bits in the back of the truck, the activity of hiking, the smoke from the fire, or a combination thereof...but my oldest son had a hard time breathing with his asthma after we got back. Of course I didn't take his nebulizer machine and it would cost $150 as a copay for an ER (and the small town doesn't have an urgent care). So we stayed at home but was up a good portion of the night. He's better today. I was wiped out from lack of sleep. I drove about half the way home and then had to hand it over to dh to drive the rest of the way. I was afraid I'd fall asleep at the wheel. I napped the rest of the way and then climbed straight into bed once I got home.

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

This is my "first cousin once removed" and I. At least I think that's the correct term. We always just called ourselves second cousins. Her mom is my cousin. We grew up together from the time I was about 10 years old.

Here are our kids roasting wienies. My oldest son is in the middle. The boy and girl on either side are my "first cousin's once removed children" (so what does that make them?) I give me they are all cousins! :-)

If you look about half way up you can see a little TINY red shirt. That's how far our kids hiked that day! They were little mountain goats.

This is my first cousin and my youngest son.

See...told you they were all mountain goats that day!

Tomorrow I am going on a field trip with my youngest son. It's to the sewage treatment exciting! :-0

Have a great day!


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Seleise said...

wow - what a beautiful spot! great pics! and, quilting is just as addictive as scrapping. Mine has been on hold since I started making cards but I'll make time for it again, one of these days... :)