Monday, March 16, 2009

Publishings List

On a yahoo stamping list I'm on we were asked if we'd been published...and if so...what issues. So yesterday I went through and found MOST of the times I've been published. I'm certain there are a few more. But this is a starting point! These are all Stampers' Sampler.

Regular Issue Feb/Mar 2004 Cover and page 46
Regular Issue April/May 2005 Pages 41,43
Regular Issue Apr/May 2006 Pages 45,59

Take Ten Volume 1 Page 82
Take Ten Volume 2 Page 20
Take Ten Summer 2006 Pages 89, 93

Catch Up Issue Volume 10 Page 37

Also accomplished yesterday? I made two cards (will share later this week) and started sewing my quilt. I now have seven rows of eight blocks each row. I will need to make another row or two to get it height/width proportionate (told you I was flying by the seat of my pants here). But so far I'm happy with it for a first attempt. I can tell I definately need more practice. But considering I'm a sewing virgin I'm happy with what I've done so far and my son will love it (and that's all that matters!) When I get the top done I'll share it here.

Have a great Monday. I am headed into work early because I have a dentist appointment this morning that I'm going to have to miss some work for. Monday + Going in Early + Dentist Appointment DOES NOT EQUAL Fun! :-)

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Seleise said...

that's awesome. congrats!