Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paper Finds

I was at the scrapbook show last weekend and spent about a third of my money at a booth that had precut cards. Yes...I can cut them myself...but not this professionally. And they will make easy cards!

Here's a couple of the packages I bought.

I particularly like the circle cards. I have some images from CTMH that I think will go really well on these and will make SUPER quick girlfriend type cards.

Today I also finished my son's quilt (tied it). My finger is sore from doing all that poking through the fabric. I guess I can see where a thimble might come in handy! :-)

Tomorrow I am planning on going out and buying fabric for my next quilt (a baby quilt), and I'm planning on helping my niece design her wedding announcements. I bought stuff to make cookies this weekend...we'll see if I get around to that or not! LOL. It seems like there is always more stuff to do than there is time to do it in.


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