Friday, March 27, 2009

"John Deere" Riley

This image is one I received in the Riley swap.

Last weekend I picked up a few more of the Copic markers for coloring. The way they work, you really need to have about three shades of each color for the shading to be correct. For example, in this image I used 3 shades of brown on the hat and you'll notice you can't tell. There are no lines or anything. But on other areas in the image you can tell that it is two colors or that the colors don't quite blend as well. Those are colors where I don't have the correct markers. There are only about a zillion shades and unfortunately I don't have a zillion dollars! But I do like how (when done correctly) it looks like the image was printed...not colored by an amateur (that'd be me!)

Have a great Friday!


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Chris (catt871) said...

AWESOmE!!!! Riley is so cute on the John Deere!!!!