Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've been busy

But not stamping! I guess since this blog is entitled "Jane's Creative Process" I can put anything craft related on it...right? Well, since it's my blog...I can put anything I want on it! LOL.

I've bought this adorable fabric to start my first quilt. The fabric is flannel and is from Joann's. I haven't even actually started sewing yet...and I'm exhausted!

First I had to wash the fabric, then I had to iron the fabric (this coming from a woman who refused to buy clothes she has to iron), and most recently...I cut a bunch of 6x6 squares out of the two fabrics. 36 of the bug/camo patterned fabric and 36 of the solid brown fabric. I have no idea if that is enough or not (really just playing it by ear here) but when I got too tired to go on...I decided it HAD to be enough. At least for now. I can cut more later if necessary. So that's how far I got on my quilt this weekend.

This has quickly reminded me WHY I LOVE PAPERCRAFTING! You sit down and you can make a card within a few hours (even if you're slow and perfectionistic like me). It is a relatively instant feeling of accomplishment. Then you mail it away and brighten someone else's day. And it didn't cost big bucks either.

The other thing I've been working on this weekend is learning to crochet. I'd figured out the basic chain and the single crochet stitch prior to today. Today I learned the double crochet stitch. I'm liking this stitch. Once again for the same reason...because it's a bigger stitch it looks like you've accomplished a lot more! I am almost through my first skein of "practice" yarn. A friend said she had a simple baby blanket pattern that uses only the stitches I know so far and she's going to get me a pattern. So that will probably be my first real project. I do wish my Mom were alive to see this day. She tried to teach me when I was younger and I just wasn't interested at the time. I am SURE I will never be as good at it as she was. But I'll be happy to be able to do a basic afghan.

Does anyone have any quilting and/or crocheting comments for me? Suggested reading? Good patterns? Tips/Comments? (Other than to tell me I am officially, certifiably insane?)

I hope you have a great weekend. I MIGHT actually do some sewing tomorrow. But right now I'm doubting it. I'm about "new crafted" out. I may go back and make a card so I can feel competent again! LOL.



Seleise said...

I love scrap quilts. I think one of the best ways to start is with a four-patch or a 9-patch. It's fairly easy and has quick payback for results. The quilt in a day series for a fence rail is another great way to start. I'm also a big fan of hand-quilting but it does add time to the project (which I'm ok with). However, since stamping as much as I've been, no quilting has been happening. :) have fun!

Deb said...

You are doing what I would love to! I would love to make a quilt from scratch and would love to make my own crochet flowers. I doubt I will make time to do either in the near future as my cards (like you) take hours to make!
Looking forward to seeing the results of your work!
Hope you have a great sunday! hugs Debx

StampnInkLady said...

Jane, I really enjoyed reading this post! I have dabbled in all that you spoke of and used to work for Coats & Clark. While there, I learned how to make an afghan with 2 skeins of yarn at the same time! I decided to make one for each family member. Needless to say my tension wasn't the same through them, but I was very pleased with myself. Years ago I attempted quilt making too! Needless to say, it sits in a closet in a bag, unfinished of course! I really did not have any mentors to help me and just got disgusted with the project. I think my project was a little to elopuent and detailed for a beginner. I just don't have the hear to get rid of it though! Tip for you...don't get to many projects going at one may get tired of them and not finish any of them. It sounds like you are nesting! LOL! I like the card making idea myself. You actually feel like you created something and much faster. Hugs Lori

Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

I've enjoyed reading this Jane, you made me smile. Best of luck with the sewing, not my thing, but hat off to you for giving it a crack!

:) Marcia