Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tutorial - Stamp Rolling

This technique looks great with leaves or fruits in particular.

Supplies Needed:

(This is only need two things!)

Solid image stamps
2 or 3 coordinating inks
(I used a sunflower yellow, an olive green, and a burgandy red)

Step One:

Ink up your stamp in the LIGHTEST color (in my case the sunflower yellow)

Step Two:

WITHOUT cleaning the stamp - pick up your next darkest color (in my case the olive green) and roll the edges of the stamp in it.

Step Three:

WITHOUT cleaning the stamp - pick up the last color (here it's the burgandy) and roll just the very outside edges of the stamp in it.

Step Four:

NOW you can stamp the image! Clean the stamp and start over if you need more than one image. Always move from the light color to the darker color and clean between actual stampings.

Here's a few of the leaves close up:

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Like I said, this is one of my favorites and it's SO easy once you get the hang of it.

Have a wonderful day!



Laurie Wilson said...

Wow, Jane, you really explained that well and the photos were so helpful! I love the look of the leaves you achieved with this technique, they are very realistic looking!

catt871 said...

Very pretty! I like how you used 3 colours - I usually only use 2, but 3 looks WAY better!!!