Monday, August 4, 2008

Raining Cards!

I belong to a group called the Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers 4. I just participated in a swap with them and received some wonderful cards that I wanted to share with all of you out in cyberland. AND I made quite a few cards myself this weekend so there should be something new each day this week! So come back to visit!

Without further ado...let the "raining" of cards begin...

This first card is from Kelly L. It's the first card I received. I love the clean line and the piercing at the bottom of the card.

The second card is from Marcia P. over in Austrailia (one place I have always wanted to go visit!) She did some paper piecing on the dresses and hats and I love the glittery flowers. She sent me a variety of images to play with. Thanks!

The third card is from Deb over in Scotland (that's the coolest thing about these swaps is getting mail from other countries!) These images are very popular outside of the US and seem to be catching on here as well. What I love though? Is the paper piecing on this one and the unique cut of the card. Deb also included some images for me to play with. Yay!

Here's a close up of the image with the paper piecing so you can see it better:

And the last card I received is from Seleise B. The image is from The Angel Company. I love the pink/black color combo. Seleise also sent me some images to play with. One of which I played with yesterday and will be sharing later in the week.

Thanks to all these wonderful women! I love all the cards. It was nice to come home to a surprise in my mailbox. I still may receive more and if I do I will post them as well.

For all my can find links to these ladies blogs at the right hand side of my blog under SBS4 - Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers 4.

Have a great day!



Deb said...

They are fabulous, glad mine arrived, I am sure you will have more to come!

Seleise said...

how thoughtful to highlight each card and make them special! I'm so glad you got your card and images. Have fun playing!!

Widdle Shamrock said...

Man, I haven't caught up in a while. The cards are gorgeous.

I took part in a card swap in June.

Your cards just look so professional, I just love them.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Jane, hope you have fun with the images I sent on. Some great cards there,I hope there are still some coming your way!

:) Marcia