Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monkeys Everywhere!

I saw a card similar to this (with the four cutout circles) on another blog and wanted to try it myself. I added another layer to the circles. It was a lot of work...not sure it was worth the effort! To top it off...when I got to the last circle on the cardstock my circle punch quit working. (Anyone know why or what to do?) So I had to kind of cut one out by hand. That's why it's lopsided a bit.

All stamps are from Clear Dollar Stamps.



Tammy said...

Adorable card!! Love how you have the monkey peeking out at different angles:)


Jennifer Ofiana said...

This is so cute! I need to get that stamp set!!

Seleise said...

love the layers and love the monkeys. It may be a pain to make this layout but it sure is cute! A friend just saved my brand-new circle punch that stopped working. She took it apart and fixed the spring that came off the post and now it works again. woo hoo! She added a washer too but I didn't see the process so not sure where or how. :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

Love the colours in this Jane and yes, I think it was worth the effort.

Your punch - has it jammed or is it cutting 'blunt'? Try punching it through some aluminium foil (the kitchen stuff). That's what I do when they start to stick.


Widdle Shamrock said...

You have blog bling at my place.

Littlekel90 said...

I think these monkeys are cute!! I have seen that aluminum foil will help sharpen a punch and wax paper helps to lube it up a bit if it is sticking. Not sure if those suggestions will work, but worth a try if it is just stuck.

Jamie said...

That is so stinking cute Jane!

My Paper Adventures said...

Great idea on the "holes"! I love my monkey CD set,too!