Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New promised!

I received this image from one of my SBS4 sisters and decided to play with it. It's colored in with my prismacolor pencils. I used stickles (fine glitter glue) on the "wings" (I haven't quite figured out these images yet...are these wings? Angels? So confused!) I also added glitter glue to the mini brads for a bit of glimmer. Isn't he cute?

I've been asked to demo at an upcoming scrapbook and rubber stamp expo! It sounds like fun...and a way to earn some crafting money that I can spend without guilt. ;-)

I received a wonderful package from one of my Secret Sisters today (I have two). She sent me this bracelet that she'd made with beads for all four of my children along with some stamping/scrapping goodies. It touched me.

I went to the doctor yesterday. My shoulder has been hurting for about 2 months...ever since my (then) 7 year old decided to jump from the top bunk of his bed and play "catch me Mom". When I caught him I heard my shoulder pop. And it hasn't been the same since. So I finally drug myself to an ortho doctor. They think I probably tore the rotator cuff. That's not good news. They will do an MRI and then we'll go from there as far as deciding treatment (conservative is anti inflamatory drugs and cortizone shots...agressive is surgery). I went to pick up the antiinflamatory meds last night and the prescription was $50! (That's with insurance!) I told them to keep it and call the doctor to see if there is a Tier 1 or 2 drug that they cover. Geesh...I pay $1000 a month in premiums and still have a $50 copay. I hate our insurance. I'll owe 10-30% of the MRI depending on who does it. I won't even go on my insurance/health care rant here. Ugh.

Have a great one!



ya ya's mom said...

oh bummer about your shoulder...i had shoulder problems a while back...mri and then 3 months of physical cortisone shots though, just anti-inflammatories...hang in there, i'll cross my finger for no rotator tear...that's a horrid surgery!!! my auntie had it done.

catt871 said...

What a great card! you did a super job colouring Edwin! Yes they are angels!!! Sorry to hear about your shoulder & health care, that sucks!!! For that reason, I'm glad I live in Canada! It isn't the greatest Health Care system but at least we don't pay through the nose for it!!! Hope it all works out!!!

Rose Ann said...

Your card is so cute!! I love the colors and your coloring is wonderful!! So sorry about your shoulder! Insurances are a rip-off, aren't they?

Loreen said...

I hope your shoulder feels better. The coloring on Edwin came out great =)

wendy said...

Love the faux stitching..also congrats on being selected to demo at the expo. good for you. I hope you feel better soon.

CathyRose said...

Love your card. I love the Magnolia stamps but don't get the "wings" either. Sorry about your shoulder, hoping it will get better with any drastic treatment.