Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today I continue on my training class. Yesterday was pretty good. It's an Access database class. Covering the basics. Only Windows could manage to make something so complicated! I'd hate to see what the advanced classes cover. :-) (And I WILL be seeing what they cover next month.) It's just so much easier to write an SQL query and not deal with all the 'touchy feely' stuff that makes it "user friendly".

Anyways, before I head over to class, I'm going to drop by work and hand these out. I'm hoping I counted right (was going from memory of where everyone sits). If I was smart I would have brought home a phone list or something.

Half the men there don't eat junk food - so if I miscounted it shouldn't be a big deal. I got the cups at the $1 store (as well as the candy). I had the clear plastic "mug shrink bags" left over from my gift basket business. I didn't shrink them though (I just taped the bottoms tighter around the cups). The tag stamp is from SU. The part that took the longest was bagging them up so they still looked decent.

I still don't know what we are doing for halloween tonight. My oldest is going to be a pirate. A very cute pirate :-). The youngest one wants to be some guy from Lord of the Rings. My husband is in charge of the costume but I have NO idea how he's going to manage to make my son look like the guy. Usually we just go trick or treating around the neighborhood. Not sure if that's the plan for tonight or not. They are also having a party at the firestation, one at the park, and one at the mall. So we might choose to do one of those instead (or in addition to).

Have a great day!


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Rose Ann said...

Your Halloween cups turned out great!!