Saturday, October 6, 2007

About Me

Well, no new pictures to share this morning. But I'm feeling remiss in missing more than a day on my blog. So I'm going to do something a little different today. I'm going to talk about ME (not my artwork!)


1. I'm an Arizona native. I've never lived anywhere else. I always said once my parents passed away I'd probably move somewhere cooler. But now they are gone and I have kids who have started school, a hubby, a house and dogs and .... well you get the picture! I feel settled and doubt I'll ever move.

2. I'm a tomboy. I grew up with 3 older brothers. To survive you become a tomboy! I can change a tire, I can change my oil, I can ride a dirtbike. I've drank nasty water out of a cow pond. (My oldest brother hiked me to the middle of nowhere with no water!) I broke my wrist in two places on a dare from my 'youngest' brother.

3. My beverage of choice is Mt. Dew. I don't drink coffee...but every morning I sit with a mug of Mt. Dew and check my email/update my blog. Now that I'm on Weight Watchers I only drink 1 cup a day so it's a special treat in the morning to jumpstart my day.

4. I've had many losses in my life including family and friends.

5. I'm a dog person. In general I'm an animal person...but dogs are my favorite. As a child my favorite book was a hardbound book about all the AKC breeds. We bred beagles. The first dog that was MY dog was a 13 in miniature beagle that I named Twinkle Bell Star (yeah...I was 10...give me a break!) She rode the swing with with me, rode the motorcycle with me...etc. She had one batch of puppies and then at some point ran away and got hit on the highway. We had several after but none were the same to me.

6. My first car was a 1969 mustang. White with a dark blue racing stripe up the center with a hood scoop. It was one HOT car. Only two in our high school had classic cars and we tended to park them by each other. His camero and my mustang. My brothers got mad at me when I got rid of it a couple years later.

7. I'm shy...believe it or not. I'm always surprised when people describe me as outgoing...because I really feel shy. But I guess it depends on the circumstances. In a group I'm shy. One on one, I'll talk to complete strangers (and do).

8. I've been married 16 years...more than half my life! It seems so strange in that context. We got married at 20 years old - so maybe if we live to be 70 we'll actually get to reach a 50th wedding anniversary! One advantage of marrying young.

9. I've gotten more judgemental as I've gotten older but I still consider myself pretty open. It may just be that I'm not as patient as I used to be, or that I've learned that there are some REALLY important things in life and some really UNimportant things in life and I don't have patience for people who are so wrapped up in the UNimportant things. Also, I've learned I want to surround myself with positive people so that changes my selection of friends at some point as well.

10. My favorite quote is, "Success is getting up ONE more time than you fall down." My favorite song right now is, "If You're Going Through Hell". My favorite color is blue. And you all know my favorite hobby!

And now...I need to go get ready to have lunch with a friend. Have a great day all! I'll try to create some new things this weekend to share in the upcoming week.



My Paper World said...

You have some gorgoeus cards on your blog, I look forward to visiting again!

Rose Ann said...

Good to know you better, Jane.