Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best Friend Scrapbook Pages

I decided I better get my butt in gear and get started on my Design Team project that is due on Friday. It's a 10 page 4x6 album...and I got the first two pages done last night (whoo hooo). Let's just say that speed is not one of my traits when it comes to papercrafting. Everything has to be JUST SO. But I do like how they turned out. Now just 8 more pages to go before Friday! ;-)

You can click on the photo to see it larger. MOST everything is paper here. The quote is cut from one sheet of the paper they gave me. The only stamping is the flourishes.

Once they display the album at the store for awhile then I get to have it back (my tiny payment). So I thought I'd make this a friendship album and then I'll have something done as a Christmas gift. I'm starting to stress about Christmas...I don't have any presents bought...only a couple made...and we're broke! Yikes.

I also found out yesterday that they are planning on moving our offices...even FURTHER from our house. Well, closer North/Southwise...but further East/West wise. And there is no East/West interstate and it's just going to make my drive even yuckier than it already is. Something will have to change (I'm hoping at some point maybe they'll let me go to 4 10s or work from home a couple days a week. Right now I'm just learning all I can and making myself trustworthy so they'll want to keep me and trust me to work PT from home.)

Have a great day all!


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