Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finally a Card to share!

Well, I didn't say it was a card from ME! But it is a card. My "little" one (who is now 7) made this card. One day when I was stamping he HAD to come stamp RIGHT next to mommy. After he finished his creation he told me he wanted me to post it on the internet (when do these kids get so savvy?).

So without further ado is Dakota's creation:



The hippo stamp is one I bought from Art Gone Wild...and honestly I don't think I'll be purchasing from them again. The rubber isn't cut deep enough and it's impossible to get the stamp inked completely withOUT getting ink in the middle of his nose. I've had a horrible time using this stamp myself.

Notice the embellishments (pennies) and on the inside the strips of paper at the bottom. And then there is the message...totally written on his own. It says "I Love Mom and Miss Franck". (No, this isn't a guilt trip for "Miss Franck" to stay and teach him next year...I swear!)

Kids amaze me. Even though they drive me CRAZY at times...I'm so glad I have my boys.


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Concetta said...

That made my day!

Mrs. Franck:)