Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa's Pants

When I saw a link to these Santa Pants on Splitcoast I HAD to try my hand at making them. I will say that it went slowly and I was telling myself it wasn't worth it...all the way to the point of completion. But once I looked at the completed product? It was SO totally worth it! They are ADORABLE!

I think the sample in the tutorial by Kathie McGuire was actually stitched (and would have been much quicker to do). Instead I pierced all the holes and "faux stitched" with a silver gel pen. They used ribbon for the belt...I didn't have any black ribbon so I just used a small strip of black cardstock. And for the buckle I used a soda can tab.

I did see another sample HERE where they'd modified it and made it with 12x12 paper so the pants legs were a bit bigger. In their sample they did their stitching like I did - and they noted that they placed their two pieces of cardstock together so they could pierce two at a time and save some grief. Maybe I'll try that tip next time (assuming there IS a next time, LOL).

I was trying to brainstorm what you could fit in these for holiday gifts. Each leg is about 2x2inches wide by 4 inches tall.

Here were some of my thoughts...please share what YOU would put in the container if it were yours!

Generic: Candy Canes
Popcorn flavorings
Coffee flavorings or creamers
Coffee in one side and chocolate dipped stirrer spoons in the other
Hot cocoa mix in one and marshmellows in the other
Maybe some sleeves of homebaked cookies?

Female Gift: Bubble bath and lotion

Male Gift: ???? No ideas!

Child Gift: Colored pencils or markers

How is everyone doing on preparing for the holidays? I have my recipes printed for cookie baking day. I think I'll do that next weekend. Most of the kids' presents are bought. Still need stocking stuffers. And haven't even started on coworkers or friends. Can't afford much - so need to come up with some creative yet inexpensive ideas.

Have a great day. If you feel like a little bit "naughty" come back later this week and look for my x-rated snowman card. I'd originally planned on making one of these for each of my brothers...but once was a LOT of work. Maybe I'll just send them a link to the card! LOL.



Linda said...

That is the cutest thing on the planet!!! OMG! I have to lift it for gifts at work -- who cares what you put in it as long as they get that mostest adorable little box!!!

Jovita said...

Ah Jane the Santa pants are adorable. I like your suggestions on what to fill it with.

I think candy would be a great filler, but I would add some kind of a filler (like the shredded paper filler you find in the gift area) underneath the candy and then add the candy to the top... maybe some peppermints. Yummy!

theneon said...

Very cute. I vote to fill those pants with cookies! Martha Kay

Seleise said...

oh my gosh - these are adorable. anything you put in there would be great! I like the idea of the hot chocolate on one side and marshmallows and maybe a peppermint stick on the other. Or, you could do Christmas socks or candy or homemade treats. let's see, for non-candy eaters, how about coffee packs or hot teas or ornaments... so much fun! you did a great job!

dasimonds said...

These "Santa Pants" are
so Adorable!!
Perfect gift packaging for
so many things :)
Wonderful Job!!

Rose Ann said...

Ohmygosh...too fabulous and fun!! I love this, Jane!!

Marcia P said...

Jane, these are awesome! Love them. I think I am out of time to make a set, but I admire your patience to faux stitch them like that,

For a male, maybe fill them with golf balls, underwear, shaving guff.

:) Marcia