Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Candy Bars

I have been busy working on little gifts for my coworkers. Last week they got the hot cocoa and the tic tacs. This week I have something planned for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Tomorrow they will get these adorable candy bars. My favorite part of these is how easy they are. These are the BIG candy bars and they were on sale at Fry's for $1 a piece last week. I just tore off the outer wrapper. Cut my red paper to fit around the candy bar. Tore some white the same height and put that down vertically, then tore some more white and layered it down near the bottom. Then I used black cardstock for the belt and for the buckle I used foil since I didn't have any silver cardstock. These came together in just a few minutes. No fuss!

Remember the "Santa Pants" I posted a few posts ago? I made three more of those yesterday. I used the larger 12x12 size. The pants themselves aren't much bigger but the measurements are easier. And they did go much faster after the initial pair. So that's just an encouragment for those of you thinking about doing them. I did three pairs in probably less than 2 hours. The original pair took me over 2 hours just for the one!

Are you done with everything for Christmas? I am so NOT done. Yikes! And half the people at work are taking time off this week so I'll be doing a lot of covering there as well. Should get interesting to see how I accomplish everything.

Have a great day!



catt871 said...

SUCH a cute idea!!!!!! You are so clever!!!!

Marcia P said...

Very cute Jane, these will be a hit.

Hope your week isn't too much of a rush, but it probably will be. Take care and have a great christmas.

:) Marcia

Jaspere said...

So cute.