Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More holiday gifts!

I think I'm starting to run down on the items I've made for after this I probably won't be posting as often for a while till I've caught my breath! LOL.

This is my coworkers gift. She loves coffee. SO I bought a 1/2 pound of coffee beans for her. My dh thought I was nuts when he saw me pouring the coffee OUT of the bag (his reaction was "I'm not even going to ASK what you are doing"). Well I HAD to stamp the bag didn't I???? :-) I also included two spoons that my secret sister (Tara) had sent me in my package. They just worked so well with the coffee and they were so cute! I also added a "Java Jazz" CD...and the gift was good to go.

Here's a close up of the coffee and spoons. When I was all done I wrapped it in cello paper that had coffee cups and coffee beans on it.

And lastly, here are the Santa Pants containers. I ended up buying little 9 oz clear cups at Walmart. I wrapped each cup in 1/4 sheet of white tissue paper and stuck it in one of the pants pockets and then filled the cups with candy.

Aren't they cute!



Sparkle said...

These are darling gifts! Merry Christmas!

catt871 said...

SOOO cute Jane!!!!! Both gifts are awesome and I'm sure they loved them!!!!!
Hope your day was extra special!!!