Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I'm SO excited! You guys make me feel so special by stopping by and visiting my little "closet" of the world wide web!

The challenge for the blog candy is for you to look at the Bra and Panty cards and then leave a comment with a saying that I could use inside the card. A little off color humor is encouraged. I enjoy playing on the words. I'm going to leave this contest running till my birthday (Feb 10th). Then I will choose my favorite sayings (one for each card) and the winners will receive some nummy goodies! So far it will be a full jar of prima flowers (mix or red/yellow) and a small clear stamp set. I may add more stuff as I look through my goodies.

But for now, I'll post my cards...feel free to leave as many sayings as you want for each card...there is no limit...and you have till the 10th to come up with ideas!

Click on "Newer Posts" to see the bra and panty cards!



scfranson said...

Right now because of the mood I'm in my saying is snarky: "pull up your big girl panties and deal with it".
Congratulations on your blog, it's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this one for the panty one...kindof a "supporting you as you diet" type of card.

"You know it's time to go on a diet when you start getting wrinkles on the wrong cheek"

Anonymous said...

Is there a template anywhere for these, to make the buttock? or top shape? panties and bra shape? thanks, i love them. bluemoonbynite at yahoo dot com