Monday, February 4, 2008

Come on blog candy...

Let's see which one we reach first...

1) Blog candy (given away when my counter reaches 10,000 visits


2) My birthday (Sunday)

My guess is that we'll hit the blog candy within another day so we'll probably hit it first.

Did any of you watch the Miss America pageant this past week? I kind of know someone who reached the final 8. My Dad was a Ranger in WWII. One of the ladies up there was the granddaughter of one of my Dad's Ranger buddies. It was Miss Wisconsin...the one that played the violin for the talent contest. I was impressed.

Guess what I saw on TV the other night that I haven't seen in forever? The Beverly Hill Billies. I love that show. So, as they'd say, "Ya'll come back and visit now. Ya hear?" ;-) I want to give away my blog candy!


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