Friday, February 8, 2008

New Artwork to Share

My boys are both MAJOR "Hippo Lovers". I'd bought this hippo stamp a while back so I could make cards for them. The stamp is by Art Gone Wild. Honestly, it is NOT my most favorite stamp. I don't think the rubber is cut as deep as it could be and he has such "wide open spaces" in his head that you often end up with an ink smudge right in the middle of his head from trying to ink him up. I suppose I could unmount him...trim out the middle portion of his head and remount him...but that's too much work! LOL.

Anyways, here is the card I came up with. Now I need to make a second one.

Last night I went out with coworkers for Happy Hour for my birthday. I had a great time. My brother and his wife came as well. He did take the job offer and will be moving out of state within a month. Sigh. Not happy about that.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a few more cards that have come in. Thanks to everyone that is sending's so much fun to get mail that is NOT a bill! LOL.



Tammy said...

LOVE the hippo!!


Tickle Me Pink said...

Awww... he's just adorable!

sparkplug17 said...

Very cute! I really like your hippo. Hope you had a great birthday!

Tracey said...

Gorgeous card! really love the hippo stamp too cute, bit of a pain that it smudges though.

stampingbalou said...

Happy Birthday !!! What a gordeous card... I love your blog and I´m glad that carnival is ended now to have more time visiting your blog... Yours, Heike (SBS 4) xox

Donelda said...

Happy birthday!! I love your hippo card. It is great when you find a stamp that works for someone in your life...too bad about the ink spot .. but I get the "too much work part". Sorry to hear your brother will be moving but just think of all the cards you can send him!!

Donelda sbs4

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Jane, Your Hippo's prettty cute! Did you leave a comment on my blog about loving Gina K images and swapping some? I linked back off of the comment and ended up at another blog.