Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bra Card

Leave me a comment with a unique saying and maybe YOU will win blog candy! Contest runs till Feb 10th! Enter as many times as you want for this and the panty card. I will choose one winner for each card! Humor and playing on the words is encouraged!

For example: "Breast Wishes!"



Anonymous said...

"Thanks for your support"

"Something to make you smile while you recuperate" p.s. hide it from the nurses!

"You are the very Breast"

"Thanks for helping through my surgery" (tee hee)

"I apologize, I'm sorry"
"It was the tiger in me"

"Paris Hilton ... eat your heart out! "

"I went over budget, but don't you think it was well worth it?"

"I got a new job... with Victoria's Secret"

"You're my Breast Friend"

ok it's late, i'm very punchy, hope these are not too racy for you. :) cheers

kerry said...

Thank you for your support!

Kerry Morgan

tyrymom29 said...


Sending Scoops of LOVE!!!
Handful of birthday Wishes !!!!

laurlynn said...

Bosom Buddies

Join us for dinner

Let's get together

I miss hangin' around with you

Anonymous said...

" Breastfast time, Baby!!"

NicoleL said...

Hmmm.... "you make me wanna bust out" or "I wanna bust it all out for you"...something along those lines :)
Nicole L.

NicoleL said...

Here's another one... "I'm busting in love for you, Happy Valentines Day" (or anniversary, birthday etc..)
Nicole L.

tyrymom29 said...

Sending you a Little Lift!!!
Happy BOOBDAY!!!!

Cammy404 said...

Heard you were down...
Hope this card will "perk" you up.

Sending you some "support"...
heard you were "down".

I'm there for you, please let me know if you need any "support".

We're like "twins", "supporting" each other through the "ups and downs".

Keep trying, don't give "up."

Cheeky, i know. thanks for letting post the silly comments.


Cammy404 said...

Jane, the colors are awesome!! What is the color cardstock that you use for the skin tone? I love both cards,great job!! Thanks for sharing.

ddnjoys2stamp said...

Booboolicious Wishes!
Congrats on your hits girl! And thanks for the chance!!

Tammy said...

LOL........ Love it!!!


Cathy M said...

Count me in!
Here are my thoughts....
I'm more then a handful.
I can hang or I can be supportive.
Thanks for a chance.