Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long Awaited Wallet Card!

Ok...I couldn't post this previously because it was a gift...but I'm excited to share it now!

My wallet is a combination of this tutorial found HERE and this picture found HERE. In addition I also changed it a little bit and added a third 'card' pocket which wasn't in the tutorial.



Packaged in the Box:

I actually bought some gold stretchy cord and wrapped it around the corners of the box like you would see at the store. The front is actually stitched with the sewing machine. Paper was found at Joann's.

This was a gift for my bosses birthday. He thought it WAS a wallet a first but as soon as he picked it up he could tell from the weight that it wasn't a real wallet. I think he liked it though. Obviously I took MY credit cards and driver's license OUT of the wallet and filled it with gift cards. But...for the picture I didn't have any gift cards yet and wanted you to get the idea.

Ok...gotta run!



Concetta said...

Awesome job Jane! I am glad he liked it!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

holy moly! you had me fooled. this is awesome.


Chris (catt871) said...

VERY clever Jane!! !You are so creative!!!! Bet your Boss loved the wallet full of gift cards!!!!!

Widdle Shamrock said...

Fooled me too !!

I was figuring out where I would get leather from etc, until I read your boss realised it wasn't real when he picked it up.

Clever girl !!!

Actually,that would be a good present for my now broke university student daughter who is 20 in September.

Seleise said...

that's awesome, Jane! So clever and really does look like a real wallet! great idea!