Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, not REAL fishies...but close to it! LOL.

My boys started swimming lessons this summer. They've always played in water but haven't ever really learned how to swim. They've had about 8 lessons and are now diving into the water and can swim from one end of the pool to the other lengthwise. I am so impressed with them!

I LOVE this picture. He is truly airborne. Not a part of him is touching ground. And look at that form! This is my youngest and he has ALWAYS loved water.

And this is my older son. Hard to believe he was a one pound nine ounce baby! He is growing into quite the handsome young man.



Kristine B. said...

WOW...what FANTASTIC pictures you got!! Those are amazing and will be so fun to scrapbook. That's so neat that they are able to take lessons. My girls, 9 and 10 have only had 6 lessons, but are still at level 1. They hav a hard time holding their breath under water w/o plugging their nose, so they got frustrated and wanted to quit. They just have fun doing cannon balls etc. but of course one-handed so they can plug! LOL. Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Hope you all are having a nice summer. (looks like it!?) :)

Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Think when your kids grow up around water, any kind of basic lessons is important. Miss 7 does lessons, has done for a couple of years. And she loves her water. I am so much more confident with her in the water now, I still hover, but not as much as I used too.

Love your photos, they are priceless.

:) Marcia P

Jamie said...

WOW Mario is so handsome Jane!! Great photos too!!

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Handsome man indeed and yes !!!! one pound nine ounce baby? He has sure caught up and then some.