Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dinner Entertainment and Birthday Happenings

This is a totally personal post. creative mojo is flowing right now. So, instead I will bore you with personal stuff. :-)

This was my dinner "entertainment" last night. They KNOW who the sucker in this family is! LOL. Here are my three furbaby sweeties. The only time they are all three this close for a picture is when they are waiting for me to drop them some of my dinner remnants.

Today we went to a waterpark for my son's birthday. I have to say it was a bit of a let down. It is supposed to have this huge 'wave pool'. When I was a teenager we had a waterpark and it's 'wave pool' was like surfing waves. You would get picked up and pushed. It was probably dangerous as hell...but it was fun! Today's wave pool was literally waves. Like the gentle ripple near the shore. It was a total let down. But the boys really enjoyed the water slides.

I had a hard time getting a picture because if you are too far inside the slide the picture is just too dark. And a split second later they are in the water. Out of the photos today these are the better ones I took.

It was a very expensive day. Not something a family could do on a regular basis. Why does everything cost so much these days?

Anyways, I am going to attempt to at least do SOME stamping this weekend. So I'll try to have something stamping related to share soon.



Patti J. said...

Nice Post! I can't get my furball to pose for a photo - thanks for the tip! Looks like you had a nice family day. Your handsome guys look like they were having fun, that's for sure! Nice post! TFS...

Widdle Shamrock said...

Looks like fun Jane and yes, these things are so expensive.

The dogs are so adorable !!

Seleise said...

great pics of all your loved ones. sounds like a super fun day!

Anonymous said...

You have a nice looking family! Dogs, kids and hubbie- what more can a woman ask for?