Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Rock!

Now...what are the chances that my ONLY 'man' stamp and my only 'guitar' stamp would fit together? They aren't even from the same stamp company (the man is from Stampin Up and the guitar is from a Disney set).

I made this card for my boss. I've been working for him for almost two years now. And during that two years he has always tended to work too much and not find time for anything fun in his life. He has commented on my hobbies and how impressed he is that I find time for them. I've told him I MAKE time for them because they are what bring me enjoyment. So...he signed up for guitar lessons and he told me it was my fault. :-) That (of course) prompted a card in his honor.

Let the sore fingers begin (I briefly took guitar lessons myself when I was a teenager...I STILL remember those sore fingertips!) LOL.

Have a great day...go find something FUN to do!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh this is super and adorable. he's gonna love it. tell him you want royalties when he becomes rich & famous and starts his own band LOL!


Marcia P said...

I LOVE IT Jane, that card rocks. What a great thing to share and I love the story behind it.

:) Marcia P
ps... new blog,

Yanitza Ramos said...

Cute and funny card! I'm sure he's going to like it ;)