Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally a CARD!

I finally sat down and made ONE card today. LOL! I will try to do another one or two this afternoon so I have more to share during the week. But for now, this is my one and only card to share. For the most part I've been cleaning all day (the card was MUCH more fun!)

I bought this stamp at the local $1 store. It is made for little kids (has the big plastic handle) but I thought he was cute...and for $1 I couldn't go wrong. I will probably actually end up pulling the rubber off the big handle and mounting it with EZmount instead. Otherwise the handle takes up too much space. Anyways, without further ado...may I introduce you to MR. ROBOTO!

Isn't he a handsome robot?


Softpencil said...

What a cute robot!

Keryn Campbell said...

For something aimed at kids that robot stamped beautifully.

Seleise said...

great card! I love all the different robot images out there.