Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Rock!

Saw an adorable clear Disney set of stamps at Walmart for $2 and had to pick it up. It was probably more for the teenage generation. But I liked several of the stamps. One being this drum set.

My oldest brother is 10 years older than I am. And he played the drums. We had a drum set in our family room for as long as I can remember. He'd crank the music up and drum and I'd jump rope. (Luckily there was a door to close off some of the noise.) Later my brother who is 2 years older than me also chose to play the drums. And by then we were in a different place with no family room. My poor Mom. Drum set in a singlewide mobile home. But she never complained...just encouraged us to enjoy music.



scrappernic said...

Fun card! What a deal--$2!

Crystal said...

SOOO Cool love this fabulous ROCK card..perfect for a guy!!! I asked my friend that has that Doggie Driving the jeep image and she said it is Stampin up. Hit the road it is called!! I hope its in the next catty!!! Its going on my list... Hugs, have a great day!!