Friday, June 5, 2009

Turkey Flip Card

I bet EVERYONE that works in an office has a few non-favorite management folks who just grate on their last nerve. Well, it was in that thought process that this card idea was born. I've had it in my head for over a month. Just couldn't find the time to make it. And then I THOUGHT I had a live turkey stamp but I didn't...or maybe I do and I just can't find it...LOL.

Anyways, I've blurred the names to protect (the not so) innocent - but moreso to cover my butt! You never know when what you post on the internet might come back to bite you in the rear. So...I've blurred the names but I think you'll still get the idea! :-)

As you pull down on the ribbon, another panel flips up. Each panel has a particular cooked "turkey" shown.

I used a tutorial on Splitcoaststampers to make this. I had to modify my sizes just a bit because my turkey stamp was bigger than the measurements given in the tutorial. All in all, I am SO happy with how it turned out.

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Widdle Shamrock said...

ROFL !!!!

Brilliant Jane.