Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is it Sunday already???

Wow, where did Saturday go?

Yesterday I did go the the stamping class and made my address books. They are SO adorable...and of course now I REALLY want a Bind-It-All! I'll be sharing pictures of that during the week to come.

I also stopped at the new scrapbook store on River and LaCholla (in the Bashas plaza if you're from here and want to go). It's a REALLY nice store. Honestly, I'd say I like it best of the ones here in Tucson. I like the layout of the room (it probably has less stuff but it feels like more because of how it's layed out and organized). It does have plenty of stuff...gorgeous papers. The workroom is pretty good sized and the chairs are fat comfortable cushioned desk type chairs. I hate sitting in hard chairs all night. They are open 7 days a week (at least a few hours) for now. Most days is all day...but Sundays are 12-4 I think. All in all, I'm sure I'll be back. Hopefully they will have some decent classes and crops at a reasonable price. I did ask if they needed teachers or designers and was told they already have what they need.

Ok...after you've put up with all my ramblings...I should share a card, eh??? :-) How about this one?

Another Memory Box Penguin card. Hopefully I haven't shared this one yet. Sometimes I lose track! It also uses Stampin' Up's canvas background.

Have a great Sunday everyone. I'm going to go check out Beate's weekend sketch challenge and use my new stamps I just picked up at the scrapbook store yesterday. They had the clear changito monekey stamp set! Yay!


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