Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Address Book #2

Good morning everyone! We've made it to hump day....a few more hours and we'll be over the midway point of the work week! Yesterday was one of those days at work where just about everything that could go wrong...DID go wrong. One of those days that I'm glad I'm a grunt worker and not a manager! But today is a new day!

I did ask about the security changes at work. We were told that they had observed someone pull into the parking lot in the evening and park next to a couple of cars in the parking lot. After a bit the car drove off and parked further down the road and then the guy got out of his car and disappeared. So, nothing actually HAPPENED - just someone saw the possibility and it made them nervous.

Anyways, I know I've been kind of lax on sharing artwork this week. So here is another address book to share. This is the one I'm keeping for myself...the other one is a gift for Christmas for someone.

Here's the outside cover:

And here's the inside pages on this one:

I started noticing yesterday that the corner of my eye is hurting again. I'm afraid the stye is coming back. Sigh. Unfortunately, that probably means another doctor's visit, another few hours of work to make up, another co-pay to pay, and either another prescription or a specialist appointment copay to have them lance it. I'll wait and see for a few days to see if it gets worse or resolves before I make any decision. With any luck maybe my doctor will let me just have her call in another prescription (but I doubt it...they can't make their $$ that way).


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Rose Ann said...

Ohhhh I love this one too ! Great job!