Sunday, November 4, 2007

Design Team Project

The saga continues! Are you ready for some more of my album? I'm happy with how most of my album came out...although I'm still not happy with the "pay" for doing it. I'm hoping the next project isn't as intensive as this album. I was thinking it was a 5 page (double sided) album so 10 pages. I could do 10 pages. Well, I realized on Saturday that it's 10 pages (so really 20 pages). There was NO WAY I was going to do 20 pages - for no pay whatsoever and just getting a few sheets of paper. I'd actually be surprised if they supplies they gave me were enough to complete all 20 pages. So I took out 5 of the page protectors and made it into a 5 page double sided album. Still 10 pages probably took me 10+ hours to complete. Let's hope my next assignment is a few cards! ;-)

Oh...and after working on the inside...I couldn't leave the cover plain black like it was. So I also decorated the cover. The cover on the existing album was a shiny black cardboard (which showed your fingerprints, etc). So I layed it on the decorated paper and drew around the cover. Then cut out the paper and adhered it to the cover after decorating it (so the mini brads don't go all the way through the front cover.

Then, here is the 1st page of the album:

I used a chipboard letter for the "F"...traced around it on my patterned paper and then cut it out and adhered it to the chipboard letter. I used little sanding tools to sand away any excess paper and then a black ink pad to distress the edges. For the background (definition of friend along with the "riend") I used Word and printed it out. Love how it came out!

That's all I'm sharing for now...will save more for the week to come. Have a great rest of the weekend (a few hours left...yikes!)


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