Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween and Christmas?

I'm starting to feel like the commercial stores where they have the Christmas stuff out and the Halloween stuff out at the same time! LOL!

Short on time this a quick post.

Here is my oldest...dressed up for halloween as a pirate.

And here is my youngest...he's supposed to be "Legalos" (or however you spell it from Lord of the Rings). Ended up looking more like Robin Hood (but don't tell HIM that.) :-)

And now to share a card and then to run off to work!

This is one we made at the SAS. She "lifted" the design from the catalog. Very cute little card and just goes to show that a catalog can also be a great idea source. Stamp set is called Merry & Bright and is from the Stampin Up Winter Mini.

K, I gotta run. Should be leaving the house by now and I'm still sitting here undressed with wet hair. Yikes. I'm so sick of this commute already. Someone want to give me a few million dollars? Just a few...I'm not greedy! LOL! Have a great Friday!



Concetta said...

The kids look cute and the card, well I think I have seen that one somewhere!


Rose Ann said...

Great costumes....and your card is so cute!