Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good morning!

How was everyone's Monday back to work? Mine seemed REALLLLYYYYY long. :-) We also got an interesting email with no explanation. They sent out a companywide email that said they had security concerns and that from now on noone is allowed to work past 7:00 at night, that all cars are to be moved to the front parking lot at 5:00 and that they will have security on grounds from 5-7 each night. Hmmm...makes me think something happened!

I've been working a bit on my calendars but haven't gotten pictures yet....so you'll have to suffer and wait another day because I gotta get going.

I'm also working on a diaper cake and will post pics of that when I'm done. Yesterday I went in search of diaper pins and couldn't find any. I wonder if they even make them any more???

Have a great day.


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