Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wanna Kiss?

Well, not THAT kind of kiss! LOL.

Stamp kissing is when you stamp one stamp onto another stamp. In this case I stamped my inked up leaf stamp onto an uninked canvas stamp. The canvas stamp took the ink off the stamp where it kissed it...leaving my leaf with a canvas pattern on it. You can also stamp onto another inked up stamp with a different color. This technique usually works best with solid stamps. My leaf is semi-solid and it worked ok. But a line image stamp woudn't work.

It's a simple technique but often one I forget about using. Hope you like it!



Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Wow, this card is very striking. The kissing adds dimension to the card without being too much! Great colours.

:) Marcia

Deb said...

fabulous technique and your card is beautiful! thanks for sharing!
Hope you are having a great weekend, Debx