Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Cards from Others

Thought I'd share some of the cards that I've received over the past couple weeks. I appreciate everyone's birthday wishes and it was a LOT of fun getting "real" mail in the mailbox for a change! LOL.

This first card is from Melanie (aka batgirl on SCS).

I love how she did the presents with different patterned papers. What a great way to use up all those scraps of paper. Right now she has some great craft fair ideas posted on her blog HERE.

The second card is from Fancy on SCS.

The third card is from my SBS4 sister Marcia...all the way from Australia. You can visit here HERE on her blog. I love the white on the lettering. It really gives it some great dimension.

The fourth card is from another one of my SBS4 sister's...Chris...this comes to me via Canada. Unfortunately, it lost on of it's "baubles" in-route...but is very pretty nonetheless. I love the little glittery centers on the flowers! (Oh...and the dark purple is the color of my PT Cruiser!) You can visit here HERE at her blog.

The fifth card is from an online friend, Bonnie, who doesn't have a blog yet (imagine THAT!) I think she needs one to share her artwork. I love the color wash over the main image here and the white on the piano keys. And...once's the color of my Cruiser. Can't go wrong there!

The sixth card is from another of my SBS4 sisters...Sparkle! She does absolutely amazing work...this card is one of the simpler ones I've seen her do. To get a true look at her artwork...go visit her HERE at her blog. I love the colors she used here with the layout and the tiny bit of sparkle on the owl.

The seventh card is a BRAK (Birthday Random Act of Kindness) from Gina L. She said she chose to send a card to me because we share the same birthday! Very cool! I love the pink and brown color combo she used.

And lastly (at least for now) is a card I received from Crystal. I really like this layout and may use it as a sketch to make some of my own cards in the future.

I have a few more to share on another day but figured this is enough for one day! Hope you have had a wonderful week.


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Seleise said...

great cards, Jane!!! Happy Belated Birthday!