Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I never get TIREd of you!

While stamping over the weekend I came across some images that I'd stamped over at my friend's house a while back. I don't own this changito...but I do have a few images of him. So decided it was time to play.

So, did I do the little guy justice? One word to the wise...don't outline the lines that are the arms/etc until you are done with the the rest of the coloring. I'd outlined the arms and then did a lighter grey for the tire and it smudged the brown so I had a brownish then had to go back with a couple layers of darker greys to cover up my boo boo.



Kristine B. said...

Oh CUTE! :) My 8 yr. old is sooo into monkeys right now...I can't even tell you how much--she screams and gets all excited every time I show her a monkey! :) SO, where do you buy these changito stamps from?

Oh wow--thanks for sharing your story about your oldest son! Too bad they didn't have a RMH near your hospital! Ours was over an hour away, and luckily the RMH was right next to the hospital. They even provided golf carts for us to drive to and from the hospital :) Well, glad he's well now!

Seleise said...

super cute!

Marcia P said...

He is super cute, yeah, you did him justice!

:) Marcia

Rose Ann said...

Your Changito is just as cute as can be, Jane!!

catt871 said...

SO SO SO cute!!!!!! I love how you outlined him, it really makes him stand out!!!! nice job!