Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Embossing Paste Tutorial

When I went to the craft show this past weekend I was struck by one of the samples they had hanging in a booth. So...there went my first 20ish bucks at that booth. I bought the embossing plate and the embossing paste. They also gave me a sheet of directions on how to do the technique. I figured even I could manage to smother a metallic plate with goo and squeegee it off! LOL.

So here's what I started with supply wise:

Embossing plate of choice
Embossing paste (this is glossy white)
Dark colored paper
Spatula (I used a Pampered Chef pan scraper)
Tape (low tack)

First step is taping the stencil to the paper (so it doesn't move):

Back side:

Front side:

Next step is to add some embossing paste to your spatula and spread across the template. The trick here is to start off the template...drag across the template...and do NOT lift it up or put it down in the template itself (or it forces paste into areas where you don't want it). They sell spatulas (that look a lot like cake decorating spatulas...but I just used a Pampered Chef pan scraper.

Turn over and take off the tape and gently lift the stencil away from the paper. If you want to add is the time to do it (while the paste is still wet). I used the ultrafine clear glitter. Then set the cardstock aside to dry (do not use a heat gun). It'll take a few hours to dry. Then make your card!

Do you want to know a secret? I managed to get embossing paste on the outside border (where there should have been a solid outline around the tree background). So I just trimmed the cardstock right up against the trees and then mounted to another piece of cardstock the same color so you can't tell I made a boo boo.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!



Sue said...

Jane, I love the card..... I will have to get some of this and try it........ Thanks Sue

Yanitza Ramos said...

This is so cool, Jane! What a great idea! Gotta give it a try ;) Thanks for sharing!

christina d said...

I love your tutorial. You did a great job. Maybe now I'll try the embossing paste I have. Love the blog too! said...

I want this stuff thanks to your inspiration and tutorial...too cool!

Widdle Shamrock said...

Oooo, I like it.

I am FINALLY getting off my butt today and starting a scrap journal.

I have blog bling for you too.

Seleise said...

how neat! great tutorial! I've never heard of embossing paste but how fun!

Teresa Brooks said...

Jane...I love the card and this technique. Thanks for sharing. I will be trying this soon. I've got serveral templates so I just need to get the paste.

Marcia P said...

Wow, that is awesome. Thank you for sharing this, I love how it has turned out. $20 well spent.

:) Marcia

Charmaine said...

Stunning...I have been wanting to try this technique but can never find the embossing paste.


~KRISTY~ said...


MaryJo said...

Wow, great card... Thanks for the tutorial!

lisa said...

love your tutorial, great project! I linked to this post in my blog carnival - hope you'll take a look!

LeAnne said...

Wow, when you click on it, it is gorgeous! Great technique!