Friday, October 3, 2008

New Stampin' Up creations!

My friend, Concetta, is a Stampin' Up consultant. She has a class once a month where we get together and create something. This month we made a "bag" and a matching joy fold card. I'm thinking this bag would be really cute with halloween paper and filled with candy for my coworkers. They were really pretty easy to make too (and cheap at basically the cost of paper).

Here is both the bag and the matching card...

And here is the card opened up (so you can see how it all folds out)...

Isn't it cool? I had fun in the class. I haven't been feeling overly creative lately (obviously from the lack of postings on here) so it was nice to go and have someone tell me how to do it! The funny thing is that I was the one who got my friend hooked on stamping (she was my oldest son's 2nd grade teacher and I sent her cards and gifts all year). Now she's "teaching" me. :-)



Rose Ann said...

What a pretty set!! I love the papers you've used!! Your box is so cute, and I love that card style!!

Diana said...

Love it sooo much!! they are just perfect!!