Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Changito and Weekend Sketch Challenge

Here is a card I put together for the weekend sketch challenge over at Beate's blog. It uses a new Changito stamp that I got from my Secret Sister. I'm not sure I'm loving the card. I may tear it apart and use brown instead of black behind the image. Any other suggestions?

Other than that we've just been busy with life. The little one is still recovering. He's bored at home without his brother here. The surgeon won't release him for at least a week. So we stopped by the school yesterday and picked up his homework.

Yesterday we also took our dogs to the vet. The puppy needed his last round of shots and the chow/shepherd mix has some sort of a skin thing going (looked like bite marks and she was losing patches of hair) so I wanted to take her and make sure it wasn't something contagious. $165 later we are out of there (geez...cost more than the ER!) The skin is nothing major...something common in chows because all sorts of stuff get trapped under their thick fur. We have to make her an appointment with a groomer and get her shaved down and bathed with a medicated shampoo. Bet that runs us another $75. Argh. So much for that extra PTO I sold back so we'd have money for Christmas and fixing my car. In the meantime the vet shaved three patches off her back so he could look closer at it. So she's looking pretty funny right now. Poor girl. They also checked her thyroid. I guess it's also common for chows to have thyroid issues but hers was fine.

Gotta go. Little one is calling out.



Teresa Brooks said...

Cute card...your son looks happy with a cast. Hope his arm gets better soon.

Jamie said...

Jane, kiss the lil one for me, that had to hurt! The card looks great, but if you aren't happy, maybe try the same cream the image is stamped on behind it instead of the black or brown? I hear you about the money stuff, I have had the worst time lately making it stretch! Hope your puppy feels better soon.