Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ever have a dream that was SO real?

Warning: Not stamping or scrapping related post. This is a purely personal one.

I woke up sobbing this morning. Not the best way to wake up. In the dream I had been with my Dad (my Dad died 3 years ago). We had visited this place that was absolutely gorgeous. A pretty beach on one side and then we went up to the top of the hill and you could see green woods and several big gorgeous houses (log cabin types with stone). It was just so real. And we're at the top of the buiding and I asked him where we were because it was so gorgeous and I'd love to live somewhere like that. He asked me what was holding me back and I told him I didn't want to leave him and my mom. And it was at that point...I was holding him in a hug with my head against his head and I could feel his pulse...that basically I realized that he was dead. Not in the dream (in the dream he was still alive) but it was like I realized I was dreaming and knew in real life that he was dead and didn't want to wake up but I was waking up. So I woke up sobbing because I didn't want to let him go. Not the best way to wake up on a Saturday morning...and now the tears don't want to stop. Both of my parents are gone - my Mom died when I was 27 and my Dad died when I was 35. There are days I miss them SOOOOOO much.



catt871 said...

Ohh Jane!!! I feel for you!! Sending hugs your way!!!

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Littlekel90 said...

Aww, Jane. I totally feel for you, girl. I have had a few of those types of dreams myself. I felt silly waking up crying, but they DO seem so real. Weird how our mind plays tricks on us, but then I often wonder if there is more to it as well. Have faith and know that you will see them again someday, dear friend! :) Kelly