Thursday, September 4, 2008

A "virgin" project

Good morning (I think! LOL!)

Hmmm...what do I have to share with you today???

Maybe something new? Something different?

How about something that is NOT a card?

How about something that is a total first for ME too?

How about a coaster box?

It's a coworker's birthday tomorrow and I wanted to make something for her. This is what I made.

Then I bought a couple bags of her favorite candy (Baby Ruth's) and filled the container. I made a tag and attached it to a skewer stick. Then stuck it in the container. I couldn't fit the finished product in my photo excuse all the background mess in the photo.

The box is made with 4 inch cardboard coasters (like they would use a Chili's or similar restaurant. I was given a package of these by a friend. I cut my patterned paper to 4x4 and then used modge podge to adhere the paper to the cardboard. I sanded the edges and the fronts of the coasters a bit to distress it. Then I punched holes in one coaster and used it as a template for three of the others and then punched holes in them as well. I used ribbon to tie the sections together. Then I took the 5th coaster and glued it to the bottom of the other four to complete the "box". Then I decorated it a tiny bit with the stamped image (all stamps are Stampin' Up today). I think it came out really cute!



Seleise said...

super cute coaster box!!! I definitely want to make one of those!

Littlekel90 said...

It looks yummy! I am sure she will LOVE it! :) Kelly L

Els G. said...

This is a wonderful project! Wish you were a colleague of mine!
I'm sure she'll enjoy her birthday even more as usual after receiving such a wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

Jane this is magic...mind if I steal the idea? I have a friends birthday coming up and wanted to do something different. Love it!

:) Marcia

~KRISTY~ said...


SophieLaFontaine said...

This is soooo beautiful! I love the pink and brown combination! I LOVE the puffy cream too!

Rose Ann said...

Wow...I love your box, Jane!! I love the set you've used, and your colors and foam!!