Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Inspirational Card

I started out by stamping the ship on Colonial White paper. I tried sponging it and it still didn't have the "rugged" look I wanted. So I crumpled the paper a few times and then did ink direct to paper on the raised crinkles of the paper. I then curled in some of the outside corners and inked them directly with the ink pad. Still not sure I love the card. It just looks "off" to me. Not complete - but I'm not sure what I'm missing or could add to it. My husband likes it just fine.

If you want to see the rest of the saying (I put part outside and part inside) you can see the full saying HERE. All stamps are from Bon Ton Stamps.

Let me know what you think...like it? don't like it? what is it missing? or is it missing anything?

Have a great Tuesday!



Anonymous said...

I think it looks great, but I know what you mean when you aren't 'happy' with it. I always fall back on the saying 'less is more' when I feel like this.

But great card, I really like the distressing you have done.

:) Marcia

Sparkle said...

I really like it! I love all of the distressing! The only thing I could suggest is maybe something small and circular in the lower left corner of the image. But I think the card is great as is too.

Rose Ann said...

This is so beautiful, and your distressing looks awesome!