Friday, May 7, 2010


I am getting SO close to having my disappearing 9 patch quilt done! I have enough squares to do one more row down the side of the quilt (where you see blue sheet now). But the other side is just as short so I'll need at least another row down that side. Figuring I will lose some of the 'girth' in all the seams still to you think I need to do another row or two both directions? Or should I add a border to size it? Should it cover both the mattress and the boxspring?

Here's a closer view of just the quilt:

Also, keep in mind...eventually it will be on this bed (if that affects how many rows you think I will be needing and/or if I should add a border). Since it has a head/footboard I probably don't need to add a lot more length.


Katie and Ferenc said...

i think it could use extra on both ends!

Dawnmarie said...

I've just started quilting - but my suggestion would be to do a border. I'm thinking a 1 1/2 strip(prior to sewing) of the yellow print all the way around. Then a wider, say 3 1/2 strip (again prior to sewing) outside of that. Or you could make the outside border a bit wider to make the quilt larger. I'd have it so that it covers the mattress.

I love the fabric you used. It's gorgeous!