Monday, May 17, 2010

Coolest Mom EVER Award

Today I got awarded the Coolest Mom Ever award by my youngest son. Why? Well, let me tell you...

I heard Chewey (our youngest dog) barking like crazy outside. He was UNDER the porch. My first thought was probably a scorpion (I'd heard that bark before with a scorpion). So I ask my son to see if he can look under there and see what the dog is barking at. Well, it's not a scorpion...but it's a snake. Great. I can't leave the snake there because of the dogs. I can't let my son get it (which he wants to) because I don't know what kind of snake it is. From a distance it looks like it's brown/black in color and could potentially be a rattler.

So I get the garbage can and the broom and I lay on my tummy and shimmy my fat butt under the porch. That in itself was not an easy feat! Military crawl through dirt/rocks under me and spider webs (probably black widows) above me. Thank goodness noone was videotaping that. LOL.

I get under there and then I could tell he wasn't a rattlesnake. He was red/black in color. I thought he was a king snake at the time but my brother informed me later that he is a long nose snake. He is curled way in the furthest corner under the bottom step. It took a bit of gentle handling him with the handle of the broom to get him moving (at first he coiled up to strike at it). Then he's moving towards me and I'm wondering how quickly I could shimmy out of there if it became necessary!

Luckily he went against the wall and I was able to shove the garbage can against the wall and he climbed into it. Then I handed the garbage can out to my youngest son.

Well, then, he wants to keep the snake to show to Dad. So we had to transfer the lizard that is in our smaller cage to an ice cream pail and then transfer the snake into the smaller cage. Where he is now contently buried in the wood chips.

I think DAD gets the chore of turning the snake loose! LOL.

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Katie and Ferenc said...

i would ask for it, but Ferenc would KILL me! dang husbands!