Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A card and a kitten

This weekend I got around to making two cards. The first one is ok. The second one I really liked. So I'm going to share the second one for today.

I received the image in a swap as well as the red embossed paper. So I used that as my starting point and went from there. I like how it turned out.

On other fronts...we've added a new kitten to the household. Meet Tigger...

I've started working a part time temporary job on top of my full time job and having the kids home for the summer (and I work both jobs from home). So I suspect I'll only be doing a few cards for the next few months. But maybe I'll surprise myself and start making even MORE cards. Who knows.


Katie and Ferenc said...

my dad says he's upset about this, that he told you he's had a free cat for you all this time! haha!

Seleise said...

adorable card! love the layers of papers! and, Tigger is ADORABLE!! I love cats!