Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Failure Card

I am absolutely LOVING this stamp! I found it at a used bookstore. It's more like an "office" stamp than a regular rubber stamp (has the wood handle that sticks out vertically that you hold onto and stamp) but I love the saying. It fits my sense of humor perfectly. The box says it's made by Loncraine Broxton and the website it lists is I don't know exactly what the company is...or what else they make. I'm just happy they made this stamp!

I used a pretty basic layout but added some detail work (embossed the top cardstock, pierced the small blue strip of paper, rounded all the corners and did multiple layers on the saying, added a couple of strips and brads to draw some attention to the bottom of the card).

What do you think? How many people can YOU think of to give this card to? (Whether seriously or jokingly! LOL.)



Marcia P said...

Wow, this card is awesome. I don't know why, but it has caught my eye big time. Love the sentiment, I can see why you like it!

:) Marcia

catt871 said...

LOVE IT!!! The sentiment is perfect for SEVERAL people I know and work with!!! LOL