Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boxed Set of Notecards

I am really excited about today's project. I created this last weekend. I was blog surfing and found this adorable box over on Mel's blog. She has a step by step tutorial so if you like what you see here...go over and visit her. She has a ton to tutorials to share.

Once I made the box, I made four cards to go IN the box. I used THIS SKETCH from Clean and Simple Stamping.

The last step was to make four envelopes for the cards. Mel has an envelope template on her blog but after I assembled wouldn't work with my cards because my cards were too thick. So I ended up having to figure that out from scratch. Believe it or not...THOSE were the most challenging! I ended up cutting a piece of regular cardboard to the size of the card and using that and wrapping paper around it. Figured that'd be thick enough to allow the card to slip in and I was right. But I threw away a lot of paper before I got it right! Here's the whole set:

And is how it all fit inside the box:

Isn't that cool? I will definately be doing this one again...although I think I might try to find some envelopes to buy or an actual template to use in the future. But I love the idea!



Kelly L aka Littlekel90 said...

Nice colors and textures. The paper clip is perfect with the notebook-looking paper. :) Kel

Concetta said...

I really like these!

Marcia P said...

I love Mel's blog - she is so wonderful to share what she does...

Love your box. I made one of these for Grandma for christmas and she adored it.

:) Marcia