Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crafting/Non Crafting Ramblings

Today I rode up to Phoenix with a couple lady friends to a 'Craft Show'. I was expecting more paper crafting...but it turned out to be 99.99% quilting. I do not quilt...not because I'm not impressed by it...but because I'm too chicken to load thread into my machine and try sewing a straight line! LOL. I bought a machine several years ago with the intention of sewing preemie shirts to donate to the NICU. Well, it never happened. I really need to take a class or something...although I'm sure another hobby is really the LAST thing I need (time and money wise). I was quite sticken by the similarities between a quilt and a scrapbook page (or card). It's all about matting and dimension and colors. We use paper...they use fabric.

There were two booths there that had paper crafting supplies. I did find a new changito stamp to bring home with me. He's so very cute! I'll try and make a card to share tomorrow. I also picked up a brass stencil and some white embossing paste at the other booth. I'm always impressed with what people do with the stencils...but I don't know where to start. This looks easy enough that I can do it(the paste).

On a non-crafting note, my Mom passed away 11 years ago today. I still miss her as much today as I did 11 years ago. Sometimes I swear I miss her more. I was only 27 when she passed away and was just becoming a true adult. We never really got a chance to reach that "adult" stage of parenting where the parents are friends as well. My oldest son was only six months old when she died and she had been sick - so she wasn't able to be with me at his birth or help me with him when he came home. I just feel like so much was stolen from me. I woke up crying this morning - so it was good I was out and busy all day.

Ok, enough ramblings. Tomorrow I'll play and come back with more artwork to share!



Seleise said...

glad you had a good outing with friends. hugs!

Marcia P said...

I'm sure she watches over you and admires the person you have become.