Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've been busy! New artwork to share!

Guess what next week is? It's the last week of school! did that happen so fast? Well, I totally blew off "Teacher Appreciation Week" this couldn't blow off an end of year gift for my kids' teachers. But I also needed to keep it simple and cheap.

So I decided on notecards. My kids go to Roadrunner Elementary...and I have a roadrunner stamp. The colors are red and blue. Perfect...I have red and blue cardstock and ink. I decided I'd make some simple quick notecards. Well, then I remembered my youngest son's teacher won't be at the school next year. So I probably shouldn't make her roadrunner notecards. So now I'm having to design two sets. Then I made my older son's set and I spelled the teacher's name wrong! So I had to make that set TWICE. There was nothing simple and quick about these notecards yesterday! LOL.

This is the first set...the Roadrunner ones. I blurred the teacher's name for privacy but that is what is on the bottom right. I made two with the red card base and blue roadrunner and two with the blue card base and the red roadrunner.

Then for the second set of cards I toadally cheated. One of my friends had sent me a sample card and precut set to make 8 more of the same card. Her card was floral in nature and I was planning on doing that theme (good generic theme) until I was told that she liked frogs. So I set off to use the same design and incorporate the frogs.

Here is Bonnie's sample card:

And here is my spin on the card:

I ended up doing two versions...the "dressed up version" seen above and a more simple version (minus the ribbon and the dimensional adhesive).

I finally decided on the simpler version for the teacher gift (in case she's mailing them I don't want them to cost her more in postage) and I stamped some envelopes to match.

Now to figure out how to package them so they seem bigger! :-) I have some clear card boxes. I think I'll box them in there. Maybe make a matching gift bag for them to go in. I also need to make some cards for a sick/twisted swap. I'm behind on my Mouse-a-Round swap. And I need to get started on my Design Team work. Anyone want to come be my stamping helper??? :-)



Concetta said...

I love how they both came out, but I love the frogs more!

~KRISTY~ said...


Ying Pang, said...

beautiful cards. You are lucky to receive lovely card too.

catt871 said...

WOW, what great gift ideas!!! I am a teacher and would LOVE to receive any of those sets as gifts!!! What fun!!!

Seleise said...

wow - great cards! What a great gesture to the teachers and what a cute frog card!

Marcia said...

Jane these are perfect, love how they have come out! TFS

scrappernic said...

Love these cards! The teachers are sure to love them. I have no idea what I'm going to do for my son's teacher. Especially since most of my scrap stuff is packed up. I did cards for Christmas, so I'm stuck. Better get on it. Thursday is the last day.

scrappernic said...

PS Where is the frog from? I love frogs and now I want that frog--LOL