Monday, May 19, 2008

I have a dream...

Well, maybe it's more like "I have a goal" but dream sounded better in the title line! LOL.

I've wanted to share our "story" for a long time. The story of our journey to parenthood. But that story is full of pain and heartache. Years of infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, prematurity, etc. It's been almost 11 years since my daughters passed away. Previously I was too emotionally embroiled in the subject to write about it. But I am thinking it's finally time.

Originally, whenever I invisioned this...I saw it as an article (or book) against irresponsible infertility treatments and doctors. But as time has passed - so has my anger. I still believe there is a warning and something to be learned from my experience. But I believe there is a bigger picture. A picture of the human spirit and of survival. And that's where I'm planning on going with this story.

Anyways, as scary as it is, I wanted to put it down in writing...for all to see. Now I've made a goal and I've made it public. So I HAVE to do it! :-)

Gotta go get ready for work. I'll be stamping some cards for my sick and twisted swap come back and visit!



Charmaine said...

Thanks for sharing your story. There are so many out there who have been through what you've been through...and getting your story out in the open can help those in the same situation.


Marcia said...

Jane, it takes much strength and spirit to share your pain. You will do it at a time that is right for you and in a way you are comfortable. I too have shared the pain miscarriages and still births can bring and it took me a long time to share. I am still hesitant - I have to know people well before I will talk.... it is a pain only those who have shared it, understand. But I have also learnt, for everyone person who speaks, there are many more suffering in silence. Hugs.

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

Although I can not relate to your personal story on the level you have suffered I am proud of you for writing it down and saying it...the first step in healing and the first leap in making it to your goals. I wish you nothing but the best in your journey.